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Our Advantage
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We have the following strong advantages:


Price & quality

①About the aftermarket parts:The production line is designed and constructed with lean production technology,It has high production efficiency, good control of production costs, and maintained a high level of quality,we tested everyone working well before shipping. So we have a very good cost-effective advantage; 
Many of our customers cooperate with us getting better and better, their sales in the local area has also been unanimously praised.
②Genuine parts: we also have most of famos original brand parts. we have our strong advantage relationship to get the first hand genuine parts from abroad. The price is much cheaper than most of the dealer wholesale price,also we can make sure the quality is very stable and give you promise 2-year wattanty.  Attached some pictures will show you what we have in stock. if you want to get more details, Please don't hesitate to contact us.
Fast shipping
①Most of our products are in stock in our warehouse.so we can send you very fast,after check and packing, we can send you normally in 1-3 days if not too much. If you have some more expecially requirement, that will be a few days, for exampler, you want to print your own logo on the parts or design special package, That need us to confirm a specific date, depending on your particular circumstances.
②we have many shipping way for you to choose. Normall small package air, DHL,EMS etc. by sea or by air will be ok,all depends your requirement.
Rich catalog
we have many kinds of auto parts especially the sensors,you can check in the home page. Now we have about 10 thousands oems in stock.at the same time, our develop department working hard to add the quantity everyday, in future we have more and more; also, We have powerful resources to use. If you need other products, even if we don't have in stock currently, we can do our best to help you develop them or find them for you.
Top-level services
①My business philosophy is: Customer first, treat customers as we treat ourselves. For every order, sales team will hold a meeting with warehouse, quality control team to discuss together to confirm every detail seriously, No accidents should be allowed. We know that 1% errors will lead to 100% customer dissatisfaction, not only delay their time , but also affect the trust of our guests. So in our history,we have made no mistakes.Our customers all give us high praise.
②quality issues:any quality problems, we will discuss refund or resend new replacement first step. Secondly, we will to get more details from our customers carefully. To find out the reasons, analyze it and improve it so as to serve all customers better in the future. We know that we can negotiate on price,but can't negotiate quality issues, which is the premise of cooperation,we must control it for our customers. We promise to provide 2-year quality warranty. you don't need worry about the quality . What you need to do is to increase cooperation with us, we guarantee quality and after-sales service.
Share successful experiences:

We have the experience to help our customers succeed and grow up.with rich  date of marketing in many countries. Glad to share our customers guidance  and willing to help them grow up from a smal and new stuation.

For example: we have an American customers -Frank , at of the begining of  our contact, he is a small auto parts retail store owner, he purchase part  from us $300- $500 amout a month,he want to make the business bigger,   according to our experience and data analysis, we give hime some  suggestion, recommend some popular items in the United States, share U.S.  Internet sales channels and sales experience, and share some wholesale  partners information, later he begin hie online sales, and established  cooperation with some wholesalers, now the purchase amount more than  $25,000 per month.

We will respect small clients, we are willing to share our successful  experience and everything, We hope to succeed together!