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Electric Window Power Switch VW 7L6959855B


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Electric Window Power Switch VW 7L6959855B

Other Number:1K0959565K
Warranty: 2 years
Payment:L/C, T/T, W/U, MoneyGram
Shipping Term: By Express / By Sea / By Air
Port: Guangzhou
0.04 kg
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Product description

·  Type:Power window switches   

·  Quality: 100% tested                      

·  Weight:  35g    

·  OEM NO.: 7L6959855B ,1K0959565F , 1K0 959565H, 5J0959855

·  Place of Origin: China

·  Packing:Neutral /Customized

·  Delivery time:5-20 days

·  Color: AS the picture show   

·  Fits:   

SEAT ALHAMBRA (710) 2010.06--2015
SEAT ALTEA(5P1) 2004--2015
SEAT ALTEA XL(5P5,5P8) 2006--2015
SEAT IBIZA V(6J5) 2008--2017
SEAT IBIZA V ST(6J8) 2010--2017
SEAT LEON(1P1) 2005--2013
SEAT TOLEDO III(5P2) 2004-2009
VW AMAROK(2H_,S1B) 2010--on
VW Ameo 2017-on
VW CC(358) 2011--2017
VW EOS 2006-2011
VW Caddy III Kasten (2KA, 2KH, 2CA, 2CH) 2004 -2016
VW Caddy III Kombi (2KB, 2KJ, 2CB, 2CJ)  2004-2015 
VW GOLF PLUS(5M1,521) 2005--2014
VW GOLF V(1K1) 2003-2008
VW GOLF V Variant(1K5) 2007-2009
VW GOLF VI(5K1) 2008-2013
VW GOLF VI Variant(AJ5) 2009-2013
VW JETTA III(1K2) 2005-2010
VW JETTA IV(162,163) 2010-on
VW PASSAT(362) 2010--2015
VW PASSAT(3C2) 2005-2010
VW PASSAT ALLTRACK(365) 2012--2015
VW PASSAT CC(357) 2008-2012
VW PASSAT Variant(365) 2010--2015
VW PASSAT Variant(3C5) 2005-2010
VW Polo 6R 2010-on
VW Scirocco 2009-2018
VW Sharan 2011-on
VW Touareg (7LA,7L6,7L7) 2002-2010
VW Touareg (7P5) 2010--2014
VW TIGUAN(5N_) 2007--
VW TOURAN(1T1,1T2) 2003-2010
VW TOURAN(1T3) 2010--2015
VW Transporter 2016-on


More details:

Working of Power Windows:

Electric windows are mainly powered or battery-controlled, controlled by switches and multiple wires. The power window works only when the car is in mode of START. This is because they use electricity or batteries instead of traditional windows. The main control switch in the electric window control system is used for the driver to perform the overall operation of the electric window system, generally installed on the left front door handle or near the shift lever; the sub-control switch is installed in the middle of each door or the door handle Above, used for passengers to manipulate the window. This is because the driver's door receives power from an optimized circuit beaker. This power is then sent to the window switch control panel, from where it is further transferred to the center point where the wiring of all four windows meets. The power contact is then connected at one end to the vehicle ground and at the other end to the battery or motor.

The electric window allows the driver or the occupant to sit in the seat and use the switch to automatically lift and lower the door glass. It is easy to operate and is safe for driving. It has become the first choice for the design of the window of each main engine factory.

When the driver presses a switch mounted near his seat, one of the two side contacts is disconnected from the ground and connected to the central power source. This provides the ability to assign to the rest of the window.

Introduction to working principle:

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