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Engine Camshaft Position Sensor 1913847 For LADA


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Engine Camshaft Position Sensor 1913847 For LADA

Other Number:21123847010 3422843 2112-3847010
Warranty: 2 years
Payment:Paypal,Credit Card, W/U, MoneyGram
Shipping Term: By Express / By Sea / By Air
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Product description
• Type:Camshaft position sensor
• Quality: 100% tested         
• Place of Origin: China
• Packing:Neutral /Customized
• Delivery time:5-20 days            
• Weight:30g     
• Color: AS the picture show  
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 Compatible(Fits For) :

  • For LADA 
    110 1.6 1596CC 60KW Saloon 2000- 
    110 1.6 1596CC 66KW Saloon 2000- 
    111 1.6 1596CC 60KW Estate 2005- 
    111 1.6 1596CC 66KW Estate 2006- 
    112 1.6 1596CC 66KW Hatchback 2006- 
    112 1.6 1596CC 60KW Hatchback 2005- 
    KALINA Estate (1117) 1.4 16V 1390CC 66KW Estate 2008- 
    KALINA Estate (1117) 1.4 16V LPG 1390CC 65KW Estate 2008- 
    KALINA Estate (1117) 1.6 1596CC 62KW Estate 2010- 
    KALINA Estate (1117) 1.6 1596CC 60KW Estate 2004- 
    KALINA Hatchback (1119) 1.4 16V 1390CC 66KW Hatchback 2008- 
    KALINA Hatchback (1119) 1.4 16V LPG 1390CC 65KW Hatchback 2008- 
    KALINA Hatchback (1119) 1.6 1596CC 62KW Hatchback 2010- 
    KALINA Hatchback (1119) 1.6 1596CC 60KW Hatchback 2004- 
    KALINA Hatchback (1119) 1.6 16V 1596CC 66KW Hatchback 2004- 
    KALINA Saloon (1118) 1.4 16V 1390CC 66KW Saloon 2008- 
    KALINA Saloon (1118) 1.4 16V LPG 1390CC 65KW Saloon 2008- 
    KALINA Saloon (1118) 1.6 1596CC 62KW Saloon 2010- 
    KALINA Saloon (1118) 1.6 1596CC 60KW Saloon 2004- 
    KALINA Saloon (1118) 1.6 16V 1596CC 66KW Saloon 2004- 
    NIVA (2121) 1700 i 1690CC 59KW Closed Off-Road Vehicle 1996- 
    NIVA (2121) 1700 i 4x4 1690CC 61KW Closed Off-Road Vehicle 2010- 
    NIVA (2121) 1700 i 4x4 1690CC 60KW Closed Off-Road Vehicle 2000- 
    NIVA II (2123) 1.7 1690CC 61KW Hatchback 2004- 
    NIVA II (2123) 1.7 1690CC 59KW Hatchback 2002- 
    NIVA II (2123) 1.7 LPG 1690CC 57KW Hatchback 2002-
The camshaft position sensor is also known as a cylinder identification sensor or phase  detector.
In a continuous fuel injection system, the ECU must determine the next combustion cylinder.  Information is provided by the cylinder identification sensor. During the rotation of the  engine, when the sensor sends a signal to the onboard controller, the first cylinder is  injected at the top (TDC). Therefore, the time of its injection is estimated.
In fuel injection systems, the onboard controller does not recognize the cylinder and  combustion sequence because it is not necessary for the system. Accurate cylinders can be  detected by identifying the mechanical position of the crankshaft, camshaft, valve or  distributor shaft when a pre-ignition signal is present on the crankshaft or distributor.
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